Deer Ridge Maple is owned and operated by Jaret and Jessica Judd. Our 2,300 tap sugarbush is situated  on 32 acres.  Jaret began his love of sugaring and maple syrup when he was just a boy.  He tapped the maple trees around his house collecting the sap and selling it to his neighbor Prescott Kelley.  After selling his sap for many years, he decided to try boiling the sap himself.  He purchased a flat-bottomed pan and began boiling under a tarp tent.  Jaret and his dad Reg built their first sugarhouse in 1992 when Jaret was 18 years old.  

Jaret's dad passed away from diabetes in 2001 and we  decided that we needed a sugarhouse that was handicapped accessible so everyone could experience the atmosphere of a sugarhouse filled with sweet smelling steam.  Our new sugarhouse was built in 2004 with additions coming in 2007 and the current one being built at the present time.  We boil our sap on a Leader 2 1/2' by 10' wood-fired evaporator.  We enjoy sharing our love of maple sugaring and welcome visitors anytime of year.  Just give us a call at (802) 766-5447, so we can make sure someone will be home to greet you.